[GLOSS News] Saturday Night Wallyball

GLOSS gloss at gloss.org
Mon Jan 14 07:30:18 MST 2013

This is not a GLOSS event but it is organized by a GLOSS member.  If  
you would like more information please contact

mike_letourneau at hotmail.com

Simply put, wallyball is volleyball in a racquetball court. If you  
have clicked your way this far, you may already know what it is and  
how it is similar to volleyball and how it differs. Either way, you  
can find out more about it at www.wallyball.com.

You can pick the rules up in a matter of a game or two. This group is  
open to players of all skill levels. So if you'd like to see what some  
volleyball players do when they can't find a league, tournament, game  
or available court, come on out and give it a try. It's a good workout  
and you can meet some great people to socialize with and have a few  

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