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Mon Oct 15 11:42:06 MST 2007


This is Ira Fine, and I am the coordinator for the GLOSS bowling  
group. As you already know, we meet on the second Friday of the month.  
If enough interest exists, we will also be meeting to bowl during the  
summer months.

I need to call the bowling alley to reserve alley(s) for us to use  
several days before the Friday that we will be going there to bowl. In  
order to request the correct number of alleys we will need, I need to  
know how many people will be showing up to bowl when I call the lanes  
to make the reservations. It would be greatly appreciated if you plan  
to attend, that you email me at iramfine at aol.com sometime during the  
week that we will be bowling. This is not a commitment on your part,  
so if you cancel or do not show up, it is okay. However, please either  
email or call me to let me know your change of plans.

We meet by the snack bar, so for people coming there for the first  
time, I can send you my pic. My cell phone number is 610-462-4786, and  
I will have that with me when I leave my house to go to the bowling  
alley. We meet around 8:45 pm, and usually start to bowl around 9:00  
PM, which is when the league bowlers are finished.

New people are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is no  
competition, so you do not have to be a good bowler. We are there to  
have fun and camaraderie with other gay, bisexual, lesbian,  
transgender, or people who are gay-friendly who are not in any of the  
other categories.



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